Ilmatar a Mechanical Trees story

This project combines the past with the present to explore what kind of future we want to work towards.

Lastenkulttuuriviikko for Rauma’s 580th

Lastenkulttuuriviikko workshops, introduced kids to Raumas history as something they have a part in creating and interpreting.

Broken Trees: a series of Impressions from Etobicoke Creek valley

2019 Impression prints created using elements found in the environments they portray. The work was exhibited at YYZ Artist Out

Biotic / Mechanical Pump v.2. Installation at Ed Video.

Flipping the idea of a forest as a Biotic Pump on its head I imagined “Mechanical Trees” performing transpiration. This in

El Gato y El Ceibo. The Cat (creek) & The Ceibo (tree).

Retracing the path of Arroyo del Gato I imagined La Plata’s native habitats part of its planned frame work.

Biotic Pump Theory

What kind of technology could replace ecosystem services? A question of value in the Anthropocene.

Camino De Santiago – watercolours from the road.

Paintings made while following Camino de Santiago route in Spain. Thinking about change and human presence within landscape.

Nature: a Space of Flows

Landscapes depicting environments as dynamic, interconnected and complex systems of ecological, human and universal processes.

Fluidity: Actual Entities & Occasions of Experience

Inspired by Process Philosophy and interconnectedness, the works convey the fluid nature of reality.

Fluid Shapes

Making of the pieces was guided by my experimentation with attempting to capture change or fluidity as an aesthetic.

Fluid Cut-up Shapes

The works combine my idea of Dodalism with a literary cut-up or découpé technique in producing sculptural works.

Liquid Dodalism

Drawing’s composition derives from separate sittings and meditations which occurred in different Toronto public areas.


(Doo-da-lism) An exercise in recording moment to moment sensation. A meditation on the moment at hand. A scribble mantra.

The Players – Women

Propaganda style poster paintings focusing on women who have and are having an impact on society.

The Players

Paintings inspired by Agitprop art, focusing on individuals who had a significant impact in shaping society.

The Vendart Project

An alternative systems of disseminating and promoting Art and Ideas within the public sphere 2003 - 2007.

The Infernal Machine(s)

A drawing mediation, a mantra, a seismograph like recording of the moment at hand.

The Grownup Child

Strange and poetic, the drawings are inspired by Jungian philosophy and the idea of the original self.

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