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Art and/as Process – Display

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Change is one of the key associations I have when it comes to fluidity and it is something I have struggled with somewhat conceptually in finding a way to incorporate it into my work. After all, the most dramatic change occurs during the process of making the work, once finished the process retards.

     With each series of works I found a different way of framing change for myself in order to overcome this conceptual dilemma. In Fluidity: Actual Entities & Occasions of Experience, the show I am currently finishing working on, I am most satisfied with how change is incorporated thanks to the way the work is displayed.

     Each piece is supported on five individual stands custom built for the work. The individual supports allow for an endless set of possibilities in how the work is positioned altering its structure and how the work is experienced each time. I built two different sets of prototypes in order to experiment with transforming the two dimensional works on paper into a three dimensional structure.

     The first prototype was unstable and bulky but it proved that the paper could be supported with magnets alone while interacting with a three dimensional space. The second, and much lighter prototype, added an element of motion to the work do to the elasticity of the poles. It is also a lot more stable do to a wider base. Now the movement of air inside a space can activate the work and in case that the flow becomes dramatic the elasticity of the poles will help to absorb some of the force of without helping to tip the structure over.

      I am really excited about the opportunity of installing all twelve pieces this way at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery this September and setting up a river like flow in what is already a really interesting, half rotunda, space.

2015 Fluid 11 with stand

2015 Fluid #8
Watercolour and acrylic on paper
152cm x 457cm (5′ x 15′ feet),
variable foot print when setup on 7′ foot custom built plywood stand

Featured music in videos 1,2 & 4 from DJ Medicineman, narrative in video 3 from Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History”

Fluidity: Actual Entities & Occasions of Experience

The work communicates a comprehensive unity that defies the destructive tendencies of unchecked anthropocentrism while pointing towards a greater and far more significant energy flow that runs through us all.