Broken Trees installed at YYZ Artist Outlet artist center

Art show

Hinting at a silhouette, a shape of reality defined through relationships (Part 1 of 2)

Took some time to write about how exploring change and interconectivity has shaped my art making these past few years.

Biotic / Mechanical Pump v.2

Flipping the idea of a forest as a Biotic Pump on its head I imagined “Mechanical Trees” performing transpiration.

Installation @ EDVideo

Amazon: aka. Biotic / Mechanical Pump installation at Ed Video Media arts center.(teaser)

Developing an installation

This past month I started to work on an immersive version of Biotic/Mechanical Pump installation featured at ProjectoAce' 2018

Covid-19 project

Writing about silhouetting in my work and developing a series of prints using the most recent discarded edit of the essay.

El Gato y El Ceibo. The Cat (creek) & The Ceibo (tree).

Retracing the path of Arroyo del Gato I imagined La Plata’s native habitats part of its planned frame work.

El Gato Y El Ceibo walkthrough

Art show at Residencia Corazon looking at the relationship between the city of La Plata and natural processes.

Research/field work at Residencia Corazon

Images of work in the field

Residencia Corazon

Exploring the role and function of urban ecology within a planned development that has given the city the nickname “city of

Owl Ridge Acres residency

I had the opportunity to create experimental prints exploring the “shifting baseline syndrome”

12th International Whitehead Conference

I was offered to do a remote presentation of my "Fluidity: Actual entities & Occasions of Experience" body of work

Impressions: Barcelona

On my last visit to Barcelona I created a series of works which used only the materials found on the site of the landscape I w

Impressions: Etobicoke Creek Ravine

This series continues what I was doing at the Proyecto’ Ace residency where I was using water from Río de la Plata in A

Juice Box

A short video exploring the urban environment of Toronto's Etobicoke Creek ravine.

Ode to the Maple

"Maple Leaf:a Meditation" is part of my "Nature:a Space Of Flows" project which looks at landscape through the lens of process

Toronto Archives Research

Biotic Pump Theory

What kind of technology could replace ecosystem services? A question of value in the Anthropocene.