Ilmatar a Mechanical Trees story

This project combines the past with the present to explore what kind of future we want to work towards.

Lastenkulttuuriviikko for Rauma’s 580th

Lastenkulttuuriviikko workshops, introduced kids to Raumas history as something they have a part in creating and interpreting.

Article in the Satakunnan Kansa newspaper

Andrzej Tarasiuk, working at the RaumArs residency in Rauma, seeks a different future through art and shares his thoughts on t

Landed an awesome RaumArs residency

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be in Rauma, Finland from February 1st to end of May of 2022

Hinting at a silhouette … (2 of 3)

My essay about how ideas of depicting change and interconectivity has shaped my art making

Broken Trees: a series of Impressions from Etobicoke Creek valley

2019 Impression prints created using elements found in the environments they portray. The work was exhibited at YYZ Artist Out

Art Andrzej Tarasiuk at YYZ

Art Andrzej Tarasiuk at YYZ

Broken Trees installed at YYZ Artist Outlet artist center

Broken Trees installed at YYZ Artist Outlet artist center

Hinting at a silhouette (1 of 3)

Took some time to write about how exploring change and interconectivity has shaped my art making these past few years.

Biotic / Mechanical Pump v.2. Installation at Ed Video.

Flipping the idea of a forest as a Biotic Pump on its head I imagined “Mechanical Trees” performing transpiration. This in

Installation @ EDVideo

Amazon: aka. Biotic / Mechanical Pump installation at Ed Video Media arts center.(teaser)

Developing an installation

This past month I started to work on an immersive version of Biotic/Mechanical Pump installation featured at ProjectoAce' 2018

Covid-19 project

Writing about silhouetting in my work and developing a series of prints using the most recent discarded edit of the essay.

El Gato y El Ceibo. The Cat (creek) & The Ceibo (tree).

Retracing the path of Arroyo del Gato I imagined La Plata’s native habitats part of its planned frame work.

A walk through video of the El Gato Y El Ceibo art show

Art show at Residencia Corazon looking at the relationship between the city of La Plata and natural processes.

Research/field work at Residencia Corazon

Images of work in the field

Residencia Corazon

Exploring the role and function of urban ecology within a planned development that has given the city the nickname “city of

Owl Ridge Acres residency

I had the opportunity to create experimental prints exploring the “shifting baseline syndrome”

12th International Whitehead Conference

I was offered to do a remote presentation of my "Fluidity: Actual entities & Occasions of Experience" body of work

Impressions: Barcelona

On my last visit to Barcelona I created a series of works which used only the materials found on the site of the landscape I w

Impressions: Etobicoke Creek Ravine

This series continues what I was doing at the Proyecto’ Ace residency where I was using water from Río de la Plata in A

Juice Box

A short video exploring the urban environment of Toronto's Etobicoke Creek ravine.

Ode to the Maple

"Maple Leaf:a Meditation" is part of my "Nature:a Space Of Flows" project which looks at landscape through the lens of process

Toronto Archives Research

Biotic Pump Theory

What kind of technology could replace ecosystem services? A question of value in the Anthropocene.