Art and/as Process – Sanding the cushion pad on magnet

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Picture a snake eating its own tale. It’s a good way to illustrate the creative process. There is no real beginning and end to it: we do things, absorb things some consciously most subconsciously, we doodle, tinker, make to-do lists, deal with logistics, and here and there we mark the cycle with ‘works of art’.

     Having been engaged in this process professionally for over a decade, with some extremely prolific periods, I realized that the artwork in itself is merely the tip of the ice berg. Most people experience art in its ‘final’ form; after the artist, having reached a certain climax with an idea steps back and hands it over to the environment where time and context take over the shaping of the piece.

     That said please take this idea of ‘climax’ with a grain of salt. What this and future videos in the “Art and/as Process” series will focus on are the activities that are part of the creative process, some of which may be obvious others I hope will be surprising. I want to show the everyday, ‘mundane’ aspects of bringing a work of art to existence. I hope to demystify the notion of the ‘artist’ grounding it in everyday activity that overtime results in the acquisition of ideas, creative and hands on skills as well as experiences which in turn are recycled back as artworks, the snake eating its own tale.

The music heard in the background is from the Mule Variations album by Tom Waits, “What is he Building?”