El Gato Y El Ceibo walkthrough

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El Gato y El Ceibo "There once were three streams that flowed freely into the mouth of La Plata: Arroyo Perez, Regimiento and El Gato. The streams played under the watchful eye of the Ceibo trees, their red flowers often finding their way into the waters. One day, people under the spell of industrial might and rationalist thinking built a beautiful city inspired by geometry. Regimiento and Perez were forced underground, trapped into pipes of concrete and metal. Ceibo trees and local vegetation were removed because they did not suit the vision of the planned city. With time, El Gato’s banks were crowded by development, its waters soiled with garbage and excrement because people all over the world forgot how to honour water. Time passed until one day the perfect city broke under countless tiny raindrops. This scared the people, because for 300 years humanity believed that they had tamed nature.  To assure themselves that they were once again in control, El Gato was encased in concrete. But Ceibo knows that humans have no such control, the climate is changing. If we hope to continue having beautiful cities, we need to remember that we are not masters of the earth, but like El Gato y El Ceibo, we are its children…" ~ ~ ~ Thank you @residenciacorazon @rafa.santos.3958 @katygies @tomfeulner @lisachuntley for helping me in shaping this show. It is something I'm very proud off. Hearing that my work made some one see their city in a new way and someone else describe it as topofilic, ecological and pedagogical is high praise and I hope to keep making work in this direction…THANK YOU! ~ ~ ~ #thankyou #art #show #elgatoyelceibo #laplata #walkthrough #proud #topophilia #ecological #pedagogia #sumup #residency #residenciacorazón #installationart #watercolor #plantdye #samples #water #urbanecology #urbanlandscape #experimental #paradigmshift #paradigmshiftneeded #alternative #storytelling #positivevibes

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