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Art and/as Process – Work after work

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When it comes to the creative process I am a believer in little steps, all the time. Since work is a necessity which demands a significant portion of my time I find myself working after work on a regular basis. Every now and then there is an overlap which helps with the grind.

     While developing a prototype display system for my fifteen foot watercolours two overlaps occurred. While moving I got to use the rental van to purchase the materials needed for my prototype and deliver them to the studio.

     My original plan was to do the millwork necessary using my circular saw. Unfortunately do to the mess (dust) and safety issues I had to figure out another way. Luckily the jobsite I have been on for the past few months working on some detail oriented (2mm tolerance) millwork has a very good miter saw.

     So on one of the early Monday mornings I found myself on the Spadina street car with a neatly wrapped up bundle of dimensional lumber (2”x6”x6’) heading up to Yorkville to start work. After a typical 9 hrs with lasers, shims and levels I got to stay behind to mill all the pieces necessary for my stand. This second overlap saved me a lot of grief and I was back on the Spadina street car around 9pm heading back to the studio with a smile on my face to do some more work after work.

“Grinding at work” features CBC radio in the background. “Chopsaw” background music is from a DJ Medicine Man mix.