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Art and/as Process – editing images

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Image gathering and manipulation is a part of my practice. I started collecting images from comics, illustrations and fashion magazine as reference material in my learning of how to draw. As my interests expended past representation of people and characters the images I would collect related to ideas I felt passionate about. As an example of my early efforts the drawing below depicts multiple figures. Some have strings attached to them while others have their strings cut. The figures with cut stings were sourced form skateboarding magazines, the figures with string attached came from fashion and entertainment magazines. At the time I felt that skateboarding culture represented a type of freedom to express oneself as opposed to mainstream culture which represents conformity and control.

      When I started to use Photoshop I stopped collecting physical images and began sourcing images from the web. What I use to do in my sketch books in terms of thumbnails and layouts I now do digitally. For this body of work, 2014/15 Fluid, I wanted to create vibrant and dynamic images that would hint at a narrative. As a subject I chose “kids playing” because I associate childhood with an intense and visible time of growth and activity which lends itself to the feeling of movement I wish to achieve with my works. What I found were cliché stock images of kids playing which did not hold much interest for me. By modifying my search with an addition of a specific country for each of the drawings (ex. kids playing in Syria) the result proved a lot more interesting. I now had at my disposal a much wider array of images from which to create compositions allowing for a broader reading of character reminiscent of my thesis work “The Grown Up Child” which blurred the line between adult and child.

       Because I am interpreting Alfred North Whitehead’s ideas of Actual Entity and Occasion of experience the figures are only hinted upon as outlines. Their identity and action is ultimately left up to the viewer’s interpretation complementary to Whitehead’s theory that all matter is in a constant state of motion in a universe that is continually changing. So as we can never step in the same river twice that same idea is applied to our interaction with any given object or person and more to the point with each of the Fluid pieces.Subjects contained in each of the watercolours are waiting to be flushed out by individual interpretation unique to each of us.

Featured music: Editing Images 1-2, DJ Medicine Man; Composition 2, Tea Party; Composition 4, Robyn (feat. Röyksopp)