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Blog: What, why, when, where and how?

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I am starting this blog to explore the notion of Art &/as Process.

To me a work of art is not a static object but one which shifts in form, meaning and interpretation. As an artist I am involved in all the stages, some more obvious than other in the life cycle of a work of art.

I will use this blog to address different aspects of my creative process not shying away form the everyday mundane aspects of bringing a work of art to existence.  I hope to demystify the notion of the ‘artist’ grounding it in everyday activity that overtime results in the acquisition of ideas, creative and hands on skills as well as experiences which in turn are recycled back as artworks.

This blog will include writing, images and video connected to my interests, research and work process. Post frequency is likely to vary, but my overall goal is to have one a month.

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